Adaptive Publishing

Adaptive Publishing

Dynamic Content Distribution

Dakota is a leader in delivering enterprise publishing and content management solutions to customers around the world. Dynamic component distribution, or adaptive publishing, provides publishers with the ability to leverage content to generate output across multiple delivery channels.

Our adaptive publishing component can be seamlessly integrated with the DCP or other leading content management providers including Alfresco, Microsoft Sharepoint 365, Siemens Teamcenter and MarkLogic. Adaptive publishing utilizes an XSL-FO process to generate high-quality, custom PDF output. Additionally, XSL-FO supports custom output in each of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • eBook
  • ePub
  • CHM
  • Webhelp

Publishing Module

The Dakota publishing module is pre-configured to support industry standard content models including DITA and S1000D, or it can also be configured to support any proprietary content model. Seamless integration is also available with the following distribution platforms:

  • SharePoint
  • RightNow
  • Amazon KDP
  • Apple iBookstore

Going Mobile: ANTHC Brings Healthcare to Remote Alaskan Villages

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is a not-for-profit health organization that provides specialty medical care to Alaskan Natives. The organization operates a hospital, builds sanitation and health care facilities, and offers health and research services.

In an area of the world where professional healthcare is not always available, the ANTHC provided a Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM) to deliver basic healthcare information to medical practitioners in villages across Alaska. In its book form, the CHAM weighs 13.8 pounds, is difficult to update, and is not a convenient way to look up information in an emergency.

Dakota helped to migrate the health manual to a DITA-based authoring environment, publishing to PDF and ePub. Consistent with ANTHC’s commitment to continuous improvement, the organization also needed to deliver the CHAM to mobile devices.

Dakota assisted in the development of the iCHAM, the mobile version of the health manual. From a central repository, DITA topics are automatically formatted for mobile and are available on-demand from iOS and Android devices. The application allows users to search for topics and to add notes and comments. With a mobile platform, health care workers can easily access medical content while in the field, ensuring that ANTHC can effectively carry out their goal of providing high quality healthcare to Alaskan Natives.