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In The Wake of COVID-19, Digital Reigns Supreme

2020 has been a year of rapid change. Almost overnight, most people’s universes shrank to immediate housemates plus whatever they can access online. Entertainment, exercise, education, online. Groceries, hobbies, décor, every kind of shopping, online. And of...

Dakota Systems Helps Agilent Technologies Accelerate Digital Transformation

When Agilent Technologies, a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments, needed help updating their digital content strategy in order to better connect with their customers, they contacted Dakota Systems.

Your Organization’s SMEs Have Too Much Power Over Digital Channels

So, you’ve got a product catalog…a big one. I’ll bet you sell all kinds of complex industrial products to other companies, too. How do you know what content to publish for all this technical stuff? I should just call up my neighborhood-friendly product manager/engineer/buyer, right? Wrong…kind of.

Overcoming Cultural Roadblocks to Adopting a Modern Content Management System

Are you experiencing resistance to change in the way your content is created and managed? You’re not alone I recently had a conversation with the manager of a language service provider (LSP) about a client of theirs. The client is a multinational company that makes...

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Publishing System

CASE STUDY Industry: Aerospace Application: Technical Documentation The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a document and method aircraft operators use to obtain relief from Federal Aviation Regulations requiring that all equipment installed on the aircraft be operative...

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