Collaborative Design Workshop

The purpose of a Collaborative Design Workshop is to learn as much as possible about your content environment. Dakota will spend two days reviewing and documenting the current state of technical content, processes and tools, and identify areas of improvement. From this analysis, a future state model for an Enterprise Documentation System and migration roadmap will be developed. This on-site workshop leverages your experience and needs as well as Dakota’s vast industry knowledge, best practices and implementation methodologies.


During the discovery step, Dakota will be on-site to review the current technical communications content, processes and tools. Dakota will facilitate the conversation to gather information about overall goals and specific needs in order to assure a successful system implementation and to support longer-term requirements.

The conversation will be focused on (but is not limited to) discovery in the following areas:

  • Process and workflow: Whiteboard the current content workflow from identification of documentation need through the content delivery, and identify opportunities for collaboration with the instructional design team.

  • Change management: Discuss and document the current content change management process and stakeholders.

  • Revision and translation management: Evaluate options for maintaining multiple revisions and translations of the product documentation

  • Users: Review roles of content creation, content collaboration, content review and content consumers in the process.


Using the information gathered during the discovery session, Dakota will lead you through an ideation session. Using an iterative whiteboard scenario problem-solving approach, it will evaluate future state options for the CMS strategy. This allows you to rapidly collaborate on the strategy and formulate a successful implementation while leveraging the deep experience of Dakota.


Working with the strategy and ideas developed in the ideation, the team will develop an implementation roadmap. Working with you on-site, Dakota will first develop an affinity diagram of the systems and elements that come from the ideation step. From the affinity diagram, an action priority matrix will be developed to identify the high value/low effort opportunities. The roadmap will identify the implementation time-line and approach and will empower you to focus efforts on the high value, short term opportunities to establish quick wins and ROI.

Implementation Plan

The complete findings from the Discovery, Ideation and Roadmap will be documented and presented to you in an Implementation Plan. This report and presentation will provide the details of the CMS strategy as defined by Dakota.

At the End of this Phase, deliverables will include:

  • Requirements Document
  • Vendor and Software Tool Evaluations
  • ROI Evaluations
  • Implementation Timeline and Project Budget

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