Policy & Procedure Management

Corporate policy and procedural information can present a challenge for any organization. A growing number of laws and regulations complicate the process, accentuating the need for a powerful policy management system. An effective policy management software streamlines the process of authoring, approving and distributing documents. Over the past decade, many clients have engaged Dakota to assist with the management and publication of corporate policy and procedural information. Our consultants have assisted with several critical tasks including:

  • Content model analysis and design
  • Workflow analysis and design
  • Publication and distribution
  • Editorial support

Corporate Policy

Legal solutions is a business of Dakota Systems that focuses on providing Professional Services to corporate legal departments, along with law firms and law libraries. We have strategically placed ourselves to provide solutions to law-related industries after we felt a need to explore how large volumes of content can be created, shared and distributed.

Our strategy incorporates a broad range of techniques from working with lawyers, to having long-standing relationships with companies like Thomson Reuters, Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. Dakota Systems leverages its relationships and past engagements to provide innovative methods to help lawyers, law firms and corporate law departments solve their IT problems.

Case Study: Automated Mutual Fund Prospectus

As a large financial company, Western Southern manages a large number of mutual funds, each requiring a number of prospectus. A complex system of manually updating and styling mutual fund prospectus is costly and time-consuming, and a more efficient content management system was needed.

Dakota helped to implement an XML-based solution that automated production of the mutual fund prospectus. All prospectus can be managed, audited, and styled from a single source. In line with their commitment to providing the highest quality products and services, this process creates an efficient environment that provides customers with up-to-date information while offering significant savings to Western Southern Life.

Case Study: Insurance Enrollment Procedure

Dakota recently developed a procedure to help automate Allstate enrollment procedures. Insurance claims are required to be submitted in EDI 837, a format established to meet HIPAA requirements for the electronic submission of healthcare claim information. Dakota leveraged Altova MapForce to develop a set of transformations that automatically maps data for these claims. An end-to-end solution was implemented that included software, support and custom development.

Case Study: PolicyNet Management System

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) is an institution of nearly 60,000 employees, with a complex policy and procedure manual. The SSA developed a policy management system, PolicyNet, to assist with the updating and publishing of technical documentation.

To create a more efficient workflow, Dakota assisted with the large-scale implementation of the oXygen XML editing component. The project involved a configuration of the editing tool, linking it to a shared document repository and allowing for custom editing actions to fit the needs of the SSA. Dakota provided an end-to-end implementation, from development to continuing support.

The Dakota Content Platform provides a flexible framework capable of accommodating any policy and procedure publishing workflow. Download our Getting Started Guide for more information on our Policy and Procedure Publishing Solutions.

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