Dakota Content Platform

Cloud Based Server Monthly Subscription
Base $475 USD
Enhanced $1,250 USD
Enterprise $3,675 USD

Dakota Professional Services

Consulting Service Price
Stylesheet Development $1,476 USD per day
Dakota Content Platform Setup $495 USD per site
QA Testing $928 USD per day
Android/iOS Development $992 USD per day
Editor Customization $1,728 USD per day
CMS Customization $1,728 USD per day
Content Design Services $2,048 USD per day
Project Management $1,800 USD per day
Data Transformation Development $1,728 USD per day
Custom Training (per person) $595 USD per day

Monthly Support Services

Support Service Monthly Subscription
Bronze (e-mail only) $2,320 USD
Silver (e-mail + phone) $5,800 USD
Gold (onsite) $9,280 USD
Platinum $23,200 USD

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