Product Information Management

The Total Product Experience

Develop effective digital product experiences, including on-line catalogs and mobile apps, to help customers discover, buy, use, deploy, and support products.

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Product-Centered Analytics

Design and implement analytics regimes that yield insights on customers’ total product experience, and provide best practices that optimize the digital product experience to drive successful digital marketing, commerce, and customer support.

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Product Taxonomy: Product Hierarchy & Attribute Design

Research and implement product hierarchies and attributes in order to improve site search, SEO, the digital product experience, and Product Information Management (PIM).

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Product Content Syndication

Transform product data in PLM, ERP, PIM, or other systems of record into formats needed distributors (load spreadsheets or files, and documents) and by customers (Product UX, apps, and documents) to increase digital presence, data quality, and velocity to market.

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