Project Management Responsibilities

Dakota Project Management Support

The Dakota project manager assigned to this project will:

  • Coordinate the requirement and design workshop sessions, work with the customer team in building business process decisions and document the key decisions made.
  • Work with the development team and the client Project Manager to define an appropriate Work Breakdown Structure to implement design laid out in the Solution Specification document. This WBS will identify tasks, effort plan, dependencies, and deployment approach.
  • In accordance with the client Project Manager direction, participate in status calls/meetings and coordinate, on behalf of the client, Dakota responses to client questions/concerns raised during those calls/meetings.
  • Keep track and report on a weekly basis the actual labor spent on different project tasks by Dakota resources.

Client Project Management Support

The client project manager assigned to this project will:

  • Act as the main client representative to Dakota regarding this Statement of Work and any needed Change Orders.
  • Provide required information relevant to accomplishing the work activities quickly and accurately.
  • Provide client organizational linkages with appropriate client people & teams.
  • Provide client input, assistance, participation and cooperation with Dakota activities and requests required by the in-scope tasks of this Statement of Work.
  • Provide to Dakota appropriate client management decisions and client responses, information, data, equipment, approvals, and acceptance in a timely manner.

Client Work Environment

In addition to the client’s cooperation responsibilities as set out in the Agreement, the client will be responsible for the following:

  • Suitable office space (desired – office cubicles with lockable shelves and conference rooms equipped with screen and flip chart) together with office equipment (including PCs, printer, telephones, modem connections, fax, shared use of photocopier and stationery) as reasonably required by Dakota staff in order to perform the Work as described in the Scope of Work. The client will provide VPN / Security access cards/ VPN security tokens to access PLM Applications and Hardware.

  • The client will provide Dakota with all the information regarding the client business, equipment, work procedures and plans which are required by Dakota to render the deliverables and will ensure that any information provided is accurate and complete.

  • IT Infrastructure for Project Team members to perform the activities described in the Scope of Work chapter in this document. The availability of a qualified IT infrastructure is a critical success factor for the completion of the project on-time, in-budget and with the expected quality.

    • The client will make best efforts to make necessary Server and Clients exclusively available for this project. Dakota shall have full administrative privileges (e.g. log-in as Administrator) on the computers to be used.

    • Give reasonable assurance suitable development and test server platforms, with properly installed and patched network operating system (NOS) software, are available as necessary for each project. The minimum specifications for server hardware and required hardware patches are outlined in the software installation guide.

    • Give reasonable assurance suitable network is available to accommodate Teamcenter Development and Test environments. A minimum 100 Mbit throughput is required for both environments. A TCP/IP address will be assigned to the computers via a fixed setting or assignment via DHCP.

    • If necessary, the client shall be solely responsible to contract for telecommunications facilities (data communications circuit, analog phone lines, wiring, etc.), and for the costs associated with such facilities.

    • The client is responsible for data backup and restore procedures on all the client computers. The client is responsible to perform all necessary backup and restore activities according to the procedures agreed to by Dakota and the client.

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