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Organizations are continually looking to reduce the costs associated with their publishing operations. Structured authoring solutions help managers and authors better control their documentation, saving their company time and money.

Dakota helps companies with their publishing and authoring initiatives, creating an environment where content can easily be produced, stored, and published across a variety of different channels, including PDF, HTML, mobile, and eBook. Our developers have extensive experience implementing custom solutions that fit the specific content markup structure of each customer.

Case Study: American Medical Association

The American Medical Association (AMA) is an organization composed of over 200,000 members, the largest association of medical doctors and students in the United States. The AMA focuses on improving public healthcare through collaboration of doctors and patients, and promotes policies and initiatives that are based on scientific research. Because the organization produces an immense amount of content through publications and journals, an effective content management strategy is necessary.

Dakota assisted the AMA with the implementation of a customized oXygen XML authoring system. The project required maintaining a publishing environment that accurately reflected versions of AMA-specific customized files. Dakota developed a visually appealing authoring tool that was easy for non-technical writers to learn and use.

Case Study: American Library Association

To support the ALA's Resource Description and Access Documentation (RDA), Dakota developed a repository to manage the RDA XML content, output transformations and workflows. The repository is integrated with a web-based XML authoring tool, to enable content contributors to make modifications directly in the RDA XML. The RDA Repository provides the ALA with a fully functional, end-to-end hosted publishing solution able to facilitate production releases. Dakota hosts the ALA's RDA Toolkit publication process on an internal server and provides on-demand access to the ALA.

This custom solution provides ALA with:

  • Automated processes for translation management
  • Supports SMEs distributed worldwide
  • Offers non-technical authors a fully customized web-based authoring tool
  • Publishing to web and print

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