Stylesheet Development

Adaptive Publishing

Whether undertaking multi-lingual translations or basic corporate publishing design, it essential to have expertise in order to avoid delaying time-to-market, production problems, and content format conflicts. Dakota has designed hundreds of output transformations that automatically push content to a variety of formats, including PDF, ePub, HTML and more.

Both large and small businesses face the same problem: how to manage content across the entire company, while also retaining quality and consistency of the output. Using an XSL-FO process, structured content (like DITA, S1000D or SPL) can be automatically pushed to a variety of formats from a single content repository. Dakota has published documents in a wide array of cosmetic layouts - customized to fit corporate standards, retaining both brand value and consistency.

This process, known as adaptive publishing, provides publishers with the ability to leverage content to generate output across multiple delivery channels, including:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • eBook
  • ePub
  • CHM
  • iOS
  • Android

Our adaptive publishing tool can be seamlessly integrated with the Dakota Content Platform or other leading content management providers including Alfresco, SDL Knowledge Center, Siemens Teamcenter, Componize and MarkLogic.

Output Transformation Development

Stylesheets separate the XML content from the presentation of the data, which is styled in languages such as XSLT and CSS. By writing an XSL-FO, single-sourced content is automatically formatted for multiple platforms. A well-designed stylesheet has many benefits:

  • Visually appealing documentation, regardless of the content delivery mechanism
  • Centralized document formatting and publishing
  • Reduction in production time and costs
  • Compliance with corporate documentation style guides
  • Specifically designed for multi-lingual translations

PDF Design and Layout

Companies have struggled with the challenges of PDF production from layout with desktops publishing tools to embedding fonts. As an implementation specialist, Dakota provides solutions across the PDF publishing spectrum - everything from customized XSL-FO layouts to embedding and subsetting special fonts.

Based on end-user and company requirements, Dakota finds the optimal PDF publishing methods to streamline output of any content format or digital media.

Mobile Application Development

As the number of mobile users continues to grow, it has become essential to have a content management system that generates output to mobile devices. Dakota has developed downloadable apps for iOS and Android that have proven to be an effective channel to provide content on demand. A well designed and highly-usable app provides great potential for getting a message across to the end-user.

Alternatively, the Dakota publishing module can be easily configured to produce custom HTML web output that is optimized for mobile device consumption. Dakota specializes in digital content development for adaptive publishing to eReaders, smart phones and tablets, and has developed HTML output transformations that are customized specifically for each device.

Mobile Application Development

Formats Supported eBook Readers Devices
ePub iBook NOOK
PDF Kobo Kindle
MOBI Blio Fire
Flash Kindle iPad
HTML5 Google Play Android

Case Study: The ANTHC Health Aide Manual Goes Mobile

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is a not-for-profit health organization that provides specialty medical care to Alaskan Natives. The organization operates a hospital, builds sanitation and health care facilities, and offers health and research services.

In an area of the world where professional healthcare is not always available, the ANTHC has put together a Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM) to deliver basic healthcare information to designated medical practitioners in villages across Alaska. In its book form, the CHAM weighs 13.8 pounds, is difficult to update, and is not a convenient way to look up information in an emergency. The ANTHC needed to migrate their content to an electronic format, where medical practitioners would be able to easily access healthcare information.

Dakota assisted the with the installation of the DCP as an end-to-end authoring and publishing solution. The health manual was migrated to a DITA-based authoring environment, is stored in a central repository, and is published to PDF and ePub. Consistent with ANTHC's commitment to continuous improvement, the organization also needed to deliver the CHAM to mobile devices.

Dakota developed the iCHAM, the mobile version of the health manual. From the central repository, DITA topics are automatically formatted for mobile and are available on-demand from iOS and Android devices. The application allows users to search for topics and to add notes and comments. With a mobile platform, health care workers can easily access medical content while in the field, ensuring that ANTHC can effectively carry out their goal of providing high quality healthcare to Alaskan Natives.

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