Backed by years of experience, Dakota's proven analysis and development techniques guarantee successful, dependable work. Dakota uses a collaborative method that will minimize your costs while leveraging its own collective expertise. Dakota walks with you through every stage of the implementation, from our initial Collaborative Design Workshop to system development and on-going support.

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Collaborative Design Workshop

The purpose of a Collaborative Design Workshop is to learn as much as possible about your content environment. Dakota will spend two days reviewing and documenting the current state of technical content, processes and tools, and identify areas of improvement. From this analysis, a future state model for an Enterprise Documentation System and migration roadmap will be developed. This on-site workshop leverages your experience and needs as well as Dakota’s vast industry knowledge, best practices and implementation techniques.

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Content Strategy

Success in delivering the digital experience to your users demand requires a well-designed content strategy. Dakota has developed the techniques to fully understand your challenges, and to develop a workable strategy that fits both your needs and your resources, typically with only a few days on site to meet with your staff. Dakota, working with clients of all sizes and characteristics, provides the expertise and in-the-trenches experience to help you achieve the strategic vision you need to stay ahead of the information world.

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Dakota’s workshops are led by experienced industry experts and are designed to create a relaxed environment to learn content management and publishing system concepts. Your sample documents and questions are worked into the agenda. Training can be delivered on-site, remotely, or from Dakota’s offices in Chicago.

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CMS Integration

Dakota can assist with the integration of your content management system with your publishing tools. Dakota’s strategic partnerships with companies like Alfresco, SDL Knowledge Center, Componize, Altova and Siemens PLM ensure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.

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XML Editor Customization

Dakota has extensive experience customizing XML Editors to support the specific requirements of any content authoring team. Dakota has a variety of strategic partnerships in place to guarantee the best solution is implemented for your environment.

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Stylesheet Development

Single-sourcing greatly reduces the time needed to output content to specific formats. Whether undertaking multi-lingual translations or basic corporate publishing design, it essential to have expertise in order to avoid delaying time-to-market, production problems, and content format conflicts. Dakota’s developers build stylesheets that automatically push content to a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, ePub, Webhelp, iOS, Android and more.

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Technical Writer and Developer Staffing

For organizations needing staffing support, Dakota System offers technical writers and developers with decades of experience.

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Ongoing Production Support

Following a system integration, Dakota offers ongoing support and maintenance to assist with issues that arise involving any component of the expanded publishing system.

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