Dakota has a long-standing relationship with Altova®, and has implemented dozens of XML-based solutions using Altova software tools. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to extend its existing system, Dakota offers a full suite of services that ensure that your project is successful.

Altova offers a complete line of desktop developer software for end-to-end development of today’s real-world XML, SQL, and UML application development, information architecture projects, and workflow automation:


XMLSpy provides unsurpassed compliance with the latest industry standards. It is the only XML editor with Smart Fix validation, featuring auto-correction, and the ability to generate eye catching charts based on XML data. User-friendly views and entry helpers, wizards, and debuggers help developers create, edit, and optimize today’s cutting-edge XML-based applications.


MapForce is a powerful any-to-any data integration platform. Its intuitive drag-and-drop inter face lets you graphically design complex mapping and integration projects to convert between today’s most prevalent data formats. You can transform data instantly to view and save your results, and advanced features automate recurring transformations. Integrates with StyleVision to render reports in HTML, RTF, PDF, and Word OOXML.


StyleVision’s unique drag-and-drop design interface allows designers and developers to apply graphical designs to their data for simultaneous publication to multiple formats. Advanced entry helper windows and intuitive functionality take the complexity out of stylesheet design and report generation. Templates can be based on XML Schema/DTD, XBRL taxonomy, or database structures, or laid out initially like common desktop publishing applications with source files referenced later.


FlowForce Server automates data transformations, report and document generation, and other tasks on high-performance multi-core servers, virtual machines, or workstations scaled for the scope of the project. Users define multi-step jobs triggered by date and time, detection of new input data, or by HTTP command. FlowForce Server empowers data architects, analysts, and other IT professionals to efficiently accomplish today’s complex enterprise-level data integration, transformation, reporting, and validation tasks.

Need Training?

Dakota’s workshops can be provided onsite and are fully customized to your specific requirements. Training will provide you with the concepts and skills you need to use Altova products effectively within your organization.

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