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Building Advanced Websites with XML


This full day class is intended to help website developers and architects explore the three basic areas that have to be considered when designing websites using XML. From automatic HTML page creation and workflow control to data storage and online distribution, each structural component will be analyzed. The class first covers dynamic HTML creation using XML, which involves building a single interface for authors, editors and reviewers. Secondly, the class discusses content management which involves storing website components and separating their content and structure from any formatting information to optimize re-use and facilitate dynamic distribution. Lastly, the lecture addresses content distribution which involves architecting multiple channels to deliver content to users including high-quality printed pages, wireless devices, electronic web pages and syndication engines.


The primary audience for this course is developers, architects or system analysts tasked with producing professional paginated outputfrom XML documents. Prior knowledge of XML concepts such as elements, attributes and well-formedness and validation is a prerequisite for this class.

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