Building Publishing Systems with DocBook

Class Description

One of the most common document structures used in XML-based content management and publishing systems today is DocBook. DocBook is an XML vocabulary developed primarily to support the documentation of books and papers about computer hardware and software. However, in recent years, the uses of Docbook in the publishing industry have grown to a point that many XML software vendors use it as a basis for their XML authoring and content management tools. This session will cover the commonly used element, attribute and entity constructs that are defined in the vocabulary. More importantly, recommendations concerning how best to implement Docbook solutions will be given. Special attention is given to developing practical DocBook applications since, in many cases, a majority of the DocBook elements and attributes are not needed to produce a robust XML-based publishing system.

Price per Attendee: $605

Target Audience

The primary audience for this class is document architects, technical writers and system architects that intend to utilize a version of the Docbook DTD or XML schema within their organizations. A solid understanding of XML concepts and experience creating documents with structured markup are prerequisites for this class.

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