Building the Next Generation of Dynamic Content Delivery Systems

As more companies strive to build content delivery strategies for their organizations, it becomes important to understand the common characteristics of successful designs of these types of systems.

There are many vendors that position their products as solutions to part of the system design such as eBook creation or web delivery. However, there exists no turnkey solution that will handle the demands of every organization since system priorities vary greatly by company and industry. Consequently, managers face a difficult challenge when designing and implementing these types of systems. There are three basic areas that have to be considered when designing dynamic content delivery systems. Content creation involves building a single interface for authors, editors and reviewers that handles multiple authoring tools. Additionally, content management involves storing document components, separating their content and structure from any formatting information to optimize re-use and facilitate dynamic distribution. Lastly, content distribution involves designing multiple channels to deliver the content to users including personalized printed pages, ebooks, tablet applications and syndication engines. This session gives an overview of the architecture of a typical dynamic content delivery systems. From document creation and workflow control to data storage and online distribution, each structural component will be analyzed.

This presentation considers the interplay among these areas:

  • Content creation – Building a single interface that handles multiple authoring tools for authors, editors and reviewers
  • Content management – Storing document components to separate content from structure, maximize re-use and ease dynamic distribution
  • Content distribution – Developing multiple channels to deliver content and meet the needs of different audiences

The primary audience for this presentation is IT managers or architects who are tasked with the responsibility of building an internal publishing system that will support multiple distribution channels.



Join Dakota Systems at tcworld China 2017 in Shanghai, China! Brian Buehling, Managing Director of Dakota Systems, will be presenting “Building the Next Generation of Dynamic Content Delivery Systems” on May 8 at 14:00 in Room 1.

About the Speaker

Brian Buehling is currently the Managing Director for Dakota Systems, a software firm specializing in dynamic content delivery solutions. Prior to Dakota, he led content management system initiatives for several companies including Wolters Kluwer Health, John Deere and AT&T. His team’s decision support system at John Deere Health was selected as a Finalist for Business Intelligence Applications at Comdex/Window World Open and was nominated for the Smithsonian Award for innovation in information technology. He has earned a M.B.A. with concentrations in Finance and Strategy from the University of Chicago and a M.S. in Systems Science and Mathematics from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Additionally, he has academic experience as a visiting lecturer at Boston University (CDIA) and Ohio University teaching business communication and computational theory.

About Dakota Systems

Dakota Systems, Inc. is a privately-held corporation that helps global enterprises design and implement digital communication strategies that drive growth. Since 1999, we’ve been a trusted partner for global, engineering-driven brands such as Nokia, Motorola, United Airlines, Shure, Siemens, and John Deere.

Our consultants and developers help digital marketers and technical communicators improve the quality, speed, and business impact of their digital communication. Whether working with digital product catalogs, technical manuals, or scientific journals, we maximize technology ROI. Using proven analysis, design, and development techniques, we quickly and cost-effectively integrate business analytics with digital communication strategies for our customers.

Martin Edic is Marketing Lead with Dakota Systems. He previously worked as Director of Marketing for Jorsek (easyDITA) and with Language Intelligence Ltd.
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