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Dakota helps companies better control their technical content, whether it be product information, engineering documentation or consumer publications, by building systems that store information in a central repository separated from any distribution specific data. This technique, known as single-sourcing, allows authors to update content once and have it automatically pushed to a variety of distribution channels.

Many organizations struggle with the initial implementation and development of a content management system. A CMS needs to be properly installed and configured, and it also needs to support the desired design theme. It is also usually necessary to migrate content into the new CMS platform, which can be a time-consuming process.

However, implementing a CMS has many benefits, including a drastic reduction in the time and cost of content production. Dakota assists with the integration of your CMS with your publishing tools. Our strategic partnerships enable us to build systems that meet the specific needs of each customer, and can be configured to fit industry standards such as DITA, S1000D, and more. Our partners include:

  • Alfresco
  • Componize
  • Siemens PLM
  • SDL Knowledge Center

Dakota Content Platform

For customers requiring and an end-to-end publishing and content management solution, Dakota offers the Dakota Content Platform (DCP). The DCP is a CCMS that provides all of the capabilities necessary to deliver high-quality automated content to users. It is fully customizable and can be configured specifically for DITA, S1000D, SPL and other selected industry content standards.

DCP is available pre-configured to support a DITA, S1000D, or SPL-based publishing workflow, enabling content reuse, localization, and single-source publishing. Together, these benefits help greatly reduce the costs associated with creation, maintenance, and publishing operations.

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