Content Strategy

What is a Content Strategy? …and why do I need one?


No matter what your information products are; marketing, e-commerce, technical, maintenance or all of them and more, success in delivering the digital experience your audience demands requires content appropriate to your needs.

Your best chance of getting that content where, how and when you need it is based on a well-designed content strategy; from original acquisition, creation and management, to delivery in the forms and media you need. Even the technology you have now or might consider will only work properly when it gets content compatible with its design.

Equally important, because no one has unlimited organizational resources or funding, you must take into account not only the requirements of your output and audience but also the limitations of your organization and budgets to craft a content strategy that is achievable within your unique setting.

Content Strategy Services

Success in delivering the digital experience to your users demand requires a well-designed content strategy; from original acquisition, development and capture through effective management to delivery in the forms and media you need. Take time now to architect a solution that will keep you abreast of your information demands, today and tomorrow, at the lowest cost and risk.

Dakota Systems, working with clients of all sizes and characteristics, provides the expertise and in-the-trenches experience to help you achieve the strategic vision you need to stay ahead of your information world. Our team has developed the techniques to fully understand your challenges, and to develop a workable strategy that fits both your needs and your resources, typically with only a few days on site to meet with your staff.

  • Clear ObjectivesThe products of our work are clearly defined, fully achievable strategic and tactical plans that address your information and content life-cycle, consistent with your unique requirements and resources.
  • Comprehensive ApproachDakota thoroughly understands the content life cycle, and we will help you craft your strategy at a level of detail appropriate to your needs… without breaking the bank doing it.The Content Life Cycle Summary below outlines our starting point, from which we develop a plan unique to your requirements and level of complexity:
  • ScalabilityNot only will your content and technology strategy meet today’s needs, it will capable of scaling up in volume, complexity and scope as your needs evolve… and if there’s one thing you can probably count on, it’s growth in your information requirements and audience demands.
  • Customized SolutionOur Content Life-Cycle Planning Team works with you to develop a content life-cycle strategy based on your unique requirements, resources and constraints. Our technology expertise assures that the products of our work will be fully compatible with the technology you currently have access to or are willing to consider acquiring as part of your efforts.
  • On-going SupportA Dakota Content Life-Cycle plan will provide you with an integrated and fully achievable road-map to effective long-term information delivery and, if you need it, the strategic and technical support to make it a reality.
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