Adaptive Publishing

Adaptive publishing provides the ability to automatically generate output to multiple formats from a single source stored in a central repository.

Dakota has helped our customers publish content in a wide array formats and layouts, customized to fit their unique standards and formatting specifications. Adaptive Publishing assures consistency and helps maintain branding – whether for basic publishing or complex, multilingual publications – and helps speed time-to-market, eliminate production problems, and avoid formating conflicts.

Publishing Platform

Dakota’s Publishing Platform is integrated with DCP. The publishing platform uses XSL-FO processing to generate high-quality, customized formatting for outputting:

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • eBook

  • ePub

  • CHM

  • Webhelp

  • iOS

  • Android

The DCP Publishing Platform supports DITA, S1000D, and SPL out of the box, and can be configured to support any industry XML standard or proprietary XML content model. The DCP Publishing Platform can be integrated with other content repositories including:

  • SharePoint

  • RightNow

  • Amazon KDP

  • Content Authoring

  • Content Management

  • Faceted Search

  • Adaptive Publishing

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