Your SMEs Have Too Much Power Over Digital Channels

So, you’ve got a product catalog…a big one. I’ll bet you sell all kinds of complex industrial products to other companies, too. How do you know what content to publish for all this technical stuff? I should just call up my neighborhood-friendly product manager/engineer/buyer, right? Wrong…kind of.

While those fine experts know all about products and how they’re used, they don’t always know what it takes to achieve your digital goals. Too much content can obfuscate and flood customers with information they don’t use to narrow their choices or make a buying decision.

That doesn’t mean all those datasheet PDF’s aren’t useful downloads for some. It means you can stop publishing all that datasheet content onto a web page and managing two dozen navigation filters. Content costs money and you’ve got a budget to consider. Stay laser-focused on the content that drives your brand and drives conversions. If you’re on a product content or eCommerce team, it should be your job to drive the digital experience and understand the connection between content and customer. Your SMEs are inputs to CX, not the final arbiters.

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