Developing Transformations Using XSLT

Class Description

This two day course covers the entire scope of the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and the XML Path Language (XPath) used for transforming structured information (e.g. XML to XML, XML to HTML, etc.). The objectives of the course are to understand the role and utility of XSLT, to overview all the XSLT constructs, to design and develop XSLT scripts, and to efficiently navigate the available documentation and resources. This course is a comprehensive study of XSLT as it covers every element, attribute, and function of the standard. Students will leave the classroom with a solid working knowledge of XSLT and will have the skill set to immediately begin implementing XSLT solutions.

Price per Attendee: $605

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is developers, architects or system analysts tasked with developing XSLT transformations. Prior knowledge of XML concepts such as elements, attributes and well-formedness and validation is a prerequisite for this class.

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