Our Approach

Using proven analysis, design, and development methodologies, we quickly and cost-effectively integrate business intelligence and digital communication strategies for our customers.

Our Approach Dakota’s Project Delivery Process (PDP) is built upon four fundamental principles:

Objective Analytical Process

Dakota’s concept design, prototyping and vendor evaluation processes are built upon the principle of conducting an objective, vendor-neutral analysis to ensure that the optimal solution is implemented for each client. To this end, Dakota does not enter into any exclusive distribution relationships with software firms nor do we directly offer software that might influence our technology evaluation services.

Fixed Price Deliverables

All of the professional services described in this document are proposed at fixed price, with Dakota taking responsibility for providing the necessary resources to deliver the agreed upon components. Any resources required from the customer (sample documents, system access, technical personnel, etc.) will be determined before the project begins.

User-centric Design

At Dakota, we believe that both product success and customer loyalty are the result of the quality of the user experience. If you make users central to your designs, in return they will not only improve your product, but also offer their allegiance. Build it for them, and they will use it. Usability attracts loyalty.

Collaborative Approach

Dakota uses a collaborative method that will minimize the customer's costs while leveraging both Dakota’s and the customer's collective expertise. To accomplish this goal, Dakota will work jointly with appointed customer representatives to ensure that adequate knowledge transfer takes place.

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