EDI Conversion

Claims Processing

Organizing and sending data between parties in the medical and dental industries has always been a complicated process, particularly in the management of both patient medical records and health insurance reimbursement details. However, thanks to increases in efficiency, EDI implementation has proven to both save time and save money. EDI is a structured way to transmit data between systems, governed by standards that are extremely important for healthcare and insurance claims.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards have been the dominant format for e-commerce data exchange for decades, and give organizations a fast and accurate method of transmitting transaction data. Exchanging documents electronically improves transaction speed and visibility while drastically reducing the amount of money you spend on manual processes. Dakota specializes in developing and supporting custom transformations between CRM, ERP and PLM systems.

Content Syndication

In addition to product item data, distributors often want “rich content” – images, manuals, models, drawings, video, etc. – because they know that rich content increases conversion rates. The richer the content, the higher the revenue. Products with rich attributes and content in the Google Manufacturer Portal have a 5-15% higher purchase rate than products without rich content. Dakota’s content syndication services help manufacturers increase the quality, completeness, and speed of content syndication to the channel and to their own product experiences. Whether you’ve implemented a modern content management system, are in the process of doing so, or you still rely on legacy systems to manage your product content and item data, Dakota’s developers can design and implement solutions that provide fast, complete, and reliable data syndication.

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