DITA for Technical Publishing

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an open XML-based standard that describes the architecture for creating and managing information. DITA allows content to be authored as modular components, called topics, which can be reused across various documents and output channels. It separates the content from the formatting, allows for a streamlined content creation process, and simplifies the dynamic publishing process.

During the past several years DITA has rapidly gained acceptance as an information architecture to support technical documentation across a wide array of applications. Implementing a structured authoring standard, like DITA, has many advantages. It allows authors to focus on content creation instead of presentation, while offering significant savings in content production and translation costs. Content that is in DITA can be automatically published to PDF, HTML, RTF, PowerPoint, eBook and mobile from a single source, drastically reducing the tedium that traditional tools cause.

Technical Documentation Solution

Our consultants has extensive experience implementing DITA-based solutions to support the specific requirements of any technical documentation team. The Dakota Content Platform is available pre-configured to support a DITA-based publishing workflow, creating a platform that allows for content reuse, localization, dynamic content distribution, and single-source publishing.

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