Product Experience Design

Our products are the centerpiece of your customer relationships and should be the cornerstone of your digital experience. The digital product experience includes product search, on-line literature, mobile apps, and most importantly the on-line product catalog and product pages. Dakota applies user-centered design principles and best practices to assure that every digital product experience delights your customers, and achieves your commercial and operational goals.

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Digital Catalog Implementation

In order to be the authoritative source for information about your products, you need your own online product catalog. Even if you sell your products entirely through distributors, an online product catalog is critical to your success. Distributors can’t represent your brand stories, and don’t offer the same breadth and depth of information about your products and that you can. Dakota can help you deploy a Digital Product Catalog quickly and effectively – even if you haven’t yet implemented a PIM.

SEO & Site Search

If your product pages are the digital front door to your business, then web search is the street, driveway, and sidewalk. Web search is how customers find your business and enter your site. Once customers arrive, site search guides them into the experience you choose. Site search is the equivalent of a concierge-guided tour through your store. You can’t orchestrate the digital customer experience if you leave SEO or site search to chance. Dakota can help you fine-tune search to assure you’re in charge of the customer experience. After all, if you can’t find it, you can’t buy it.

Mobile Experience

According to a survey of 3000 B2B decision makers by Google and Millward Brown Digital, 42% of B2B buyers use a mobile device to research their purchases, and half of these while at the office. Mobile isn’t just important for commerce: Dakota’s own research reveals that when install or repair documents are only available as PDF, field workers download and print them before going to the job site. Dakota can help you transform unstructured documents into high-value, compelling experiences on mobile devices. Let us show you how.

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