Translation and Localization

Multilingual SEO Services

Global marketing and commercial leaders are under more pressure than ever to provide a global brand experience. Product pages are the digital front door to your business, and web search is how customers find your business and enter your site. Delivering product information on a global scale can give your company a significant competitive advantage. As each country and language has different search patterns and search terms, successful multilingual SEO requires detailed research into searcher behavior and language usage in each market.

Digital Content Localization

Having a global product growth strategy in place is essential for companies to achieve economies of scale. By creating and leveraging assets like geo-specific personas, style guides, and linguistic conventions, it is easier to determine the level of acceptance, the scope of content to translate, localize, and transcreate as well as the number of sensitivity variances. Dakota has the resources and tools to help you deliver a successful global product experience to your global customers. We’ll transform your digital content into powerful tools by delivering targeted, locally-relevant information of all types to your global customers.

Enterprise Content Management

Automate your digital content management process by integrating your translation tools with your CMS. Dakota helps companies better control their content, by building systems with everything you need to create, translate, review and manage translation projects. Simplify your multilingual content management process, boost efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up time-to-market.

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