Building Content Systems with DITA


Since its inception, DITA has rapidly gained acceptance as a standard document structure used in many XML-based content management and publishing systems. DITA is an XML schema developed primarily to support technical documentation for a wide array of applications. This session will cover the commonly used element, attribute and entity constructs that are defined in the schema. More importantly, recommendations concerning how best to implement DITA solutions will be given. Special attention is given to developing practical DITA applications since, in many cases, some DITA elements will have to be extended through a mechanism called specialization to produce a robust XML-based publishing system.


$595 USD


1 Day


The primary audience for this class is document architects, technical writers and system architects that intend to utilize a version of the DITA DTD or schema within their organizations. A solid understanding of XML concepts and experience creating documents with structured markup are prerequisites for this class.

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