Intelligently recommend products to your customers using the latest technology and your existing in-house expertise

One-third of Amazon’s revenue is generated from up-sells, cross-sells and behavioral targeting. Dakota can help your organization make use of these same techniques to ensure your customers are seeing   

high margin products they’re likely to purchase. We’ve helped organizations build foundational information architectures, intelligently and automatically generate product recommendations and bridge the gap between the digital customer experience and your existing market research. 

TE Connectivity & Dakota Collaborate to Improve Product Findability

TE Connectivity and Dakota collaborated on a process to improve product data quality in order to boost product findability and e-commerce conversion rates.

Dakota Helps CommScope Migrate Three Websites to One

The ARRIS and Ruckus acquisition meant integrating three websites, digital teams, product catalogs, and go-to-market strategies. Dakota was there to help.

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