Master Data Management

The data we need is all around us, butĀ turning that data into information your organization can use is the trick. Dakota can turn disparate systems, redundant depositories and siloed processes into trusted and well-governed information that flows seamlessly through your organization.Ā Ā 

Dakota’s MDM Approach Includes:

  • Discovery sessions with your stakeholders and staff to understand your systems, your business goals and all of the inputs, outputs, and process between them
  • Creation of custom data models specific to your organization. Dakota models support user behavior-based personalization, process development, manufacturing, content syndication to digital channels and technical publication.
  • Development of a governance program that ensures high-quality data is properly generated, aggregated and distributedĀ throughout your organization.

S1000D Aerospace and Defense Compliance

S1000D is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. While this definition appears to restrict its use to technical publications, it has been found through application that the principles of the specification can also be applied to non-technical publications.

The S1000D standard is now supported internationally, and specifically by the Aerospace & Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA). Adopting a standardized approach leads to significant benefits in time to market, cost savings in the authoring process and interoperability between the Aerospace community.

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