Optimizing XSLT Transformations

Class Description

For all of the advantages of transforming XML data via XSLT, there are several challenges that organizations will have to overcome before being able to rely heavily on XSLT for data distribution. The main obstacle is often not getting the transformation templates coded correctly, but rather ensuring that the resulting XSLT code meets system performance requirements. This session explores various techniques to increase the performance of XSLT transformations. Topics include: coding XSLT for performance, avoiding common XSLT performance traps and picking the right XSLT engine. Students are encouraged to submit examples of XSLT scripts that they wish to be analyzed by the class.

Price per Attendee: $605

Target Audience

The primary audience for this class is application developers, database administrators or system architects seeking to learning ways to optimize their organization’s XSLT scripts. A solid understanding of XML concepts and experience developing XSLT transformations are prerequisites for this class.

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