Helps product managers, SMEs, and merchandisers quickly and accurately create recommendations, assortments, and relationships for complex technical products.

Step 1: Upload your products and attribute data

Step 2: Build rules for relationships like substitutes, upsells, cross-sells & assortments

Step 3: Product-Link™ creates product relationships based on your rules & product data

Step 4: Import product relationships to PIM, ecommerce & CRM 

Dakota Product-Link™ is a subscription web-service that automates creation of product relationships based upon rules defined by your product experts. Experts create rules once, and Product-Link™ applies the rules to create new product relationships every time a product is launched.  This lets you create links between related products at scale using only hours of subject matter experts’ valuable time.

The rules reference existing attributes in the electronic product catalog to generate different types of product relationships, including:

  • Substitutes: Products in the same category that are equal-to or better-than replacements.
  • Up-sells: Products in the same category with better quality, performance, warranty or other specs.
  • Cross-sells: Products in other categories that work with a product like supplies, consumables, or accessories.
  • Assortments: Products across categories that share attributes like brand, color, or application.

Product-Link™ can export product relationships to PIM or other systems. There they can link related products, create assortments for merchandizing or promotion pages, or display product recommendations on a commerce or marketing website.

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