Staff Augmentation

Why Hire Dakota?

Companies requiring technical writing services face several challenges that may compound an often simple or straight-forward decision. Challenges ranging from discontent technical writers to document management issues may cloud a decision-maker’s judgement. Products that promise a wide arrange of solutions often fail with little to no reason – anything from poor integration to false hopes can hinder technical writing solutions.

In these situations, Dakota Systems has developed solutions for technical writers with the appropriate tools they need to publish efficiently. We have worked with government agencies like the US Social Security Administration and companies like Shure Inc., United Airlines, Nokia and Motorola to get their technical writers “on the same page” and collaborating to achieve their goals. Our single-source publishing solutions drastically reduce the time and costs associated with technical publishing.

For organizations needing technical writing support, Dakota System offers writers with decades of technical writing experience. Our writers possess the following skills:

  • Proficiency with all industry-standard authoring tools, (e.g., oXygen XML, XMetaL, RoboHelp, Madcap Flare, InDesign, Microsoft Word)
  • Familiarity with component content management systems and concepts
  • Expertise in document needs analysis and structured authoring
  • Expertise in XML schemas, like DITA and S1000D
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