Using XSLT for Enterprise Publishing

Class Description

One of the most powerful aspects of XML is the ability to easily translate data components from one format to another. Whether converting XML data to HTML for the Internet or to PDF for print output, XSLT plays an important part of this process. This two day class covers XSLT and the XML Path Language (XPath), used for translating XML data into other formats.

The objectives of the class are to understand the role of XSLT in XML-based systems, to overview the constructs of XSLT, to design and develop XSLT scripts for HTML and XSL-FO output and to efficiently navigate the available documentation and resources.

The first day is dedicated the use of XSLT for HTML output to the web, while the second day extends this concept by focusing on the use of XSLT to paginated output using XSL-FO. In class, pagination exercises will be conducted using Antenna House’s XSL-FO rendering engine.

Price per Attendee: $605

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is publishing specialists working in combined print and web environments tasked with developing XSLT transformations. Prior knowledge of XML concepts such as elements, attributes and well-formedness and validation is a prerequisite for this class.

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