Working with XQuery and XML Databases

Class Description

During the last 12 months XML database technology has matured greatly. Third-party tool support to update and distribute data stored in XML databases has grown at an impressive rate as well. Most importantly, XML databases are just now beginning to yield returns for many early adopters who have implemented this technology within their companies. This session will introduce XQuery which has emerged as the standard mechanism to query large volumes of XML data. Analogous to how SQL allows users to retrieve data from relational databases, an XQuery expression returns a set of XML nodes matching its criteria. Emphasis will be placed on learning by discussing a predefined set of instructional examples. Additionally, this session will explore the current state of XML database technology and identify promising areas for its applications. After discussing the pros and cons of adopting an XML database strategy as opposed to a more tradition means of storing XML data, a comparison of the leading database products will be presented.

Price per Attendee: $605

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is application developers, information architects, or technical writers seeking to use a customized content platform in their publishing environments. Although not intended to be an in-depth technical course, prior knowledge of the basic concepts of XML is required.

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