Dakota Content Platform

Component Content Management

The DCP CCMS is built upon a native XML database, providing a customizable platform for content management, transformation, reuse, search and retrieval, workflow, and single-source publishing.

XML content and digital assets are stored in a central repository in a single-source format, separated from any format-specific data. This approach allows one source of the truth for content, and any updates can be pushed automatically to a variety of distribution channels. This concept, known as ā€œsingle-sourcingā€, is central to Dakota’s content management philosophy.

Single-sourcing is a secure and efficient way to create, maintain, and publish content. A central repository allows for individual content components to have their own lifecycles for review, revision, and localization, and their own policies for ownership, tagging, and version control. Document components can be reused and shared across multiple documents. This enables one composite ā€œdocumentā€ to be edited and maintained by multiple users. Reuse of content components assures accuracy and consistency, eliminates the possibility of version mismatch, reduces miscommunication, and minimizes redundant work.

DCP enables:

  • Content management from a single source
  • Secure check-in / check-out
  • Component content reuse
  • Version control and revision history
  • Review and publishing workflow
  • PDF, ePub, HTML, CHM, WebHelp and mobileĀ formats fro ma single source
  • ContentĀ metrics reporting and visualization



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